Black Steel Pipe is made of steel that has not been galvanized. Its name comes from the dark-colored iron oxide coating on the outside of its surface. It is used in applications that don’t require galvanized steel. The pipe varies based on its intended use, shape, and size. The lengths of black steel pipe are usually greater than 5m and the thickness of the steel depends on what application the steel will be used for. Black steel piping is acceptable for support, posts, plumbing, and signage. Black steel pipe tends to be less expensive than other piping because there is low maintenance needed on the piping and it costs less to fit black steel pipe. This means that black steel pipe should never be used for transporting drinking water, but it can transport almost any other gas or liquid, as described later.
Black steel pipe has very little maintenance and a high level of strength, making it ideal for transporting water and gas in rural and urban areas. Black steel is preferred for gas specifically because it does not have a seam and the chances of gas leaking are greatly reduced. The oil and petroleum industries use black steel pipe for moving a large amount of oil across large distances, such as to refineries or from chemical processing plants to distributions centers. These buildings can be far from cities for safety reasons so the pipes need to be reliable for great distances. Black steel pipe is also acceptable for pipes protecting electrical wiring and delivering high-pressure steam and air. Other black steel pipe applications include water wells, gas distribution, and sewage systems. Black Steel pipe is used by most businesses and homes to transport their supply of natural or propane gas. These are the fuel sources for heating homes or cooking food on a gas stove. Another unique use for black steel is in sprinkler systems and fire suppression systems. Black pipe can withstand heat far better than competing types of pipe so it is preferred for the sprinklers you see in industrial buildings. Pipes that melt or underperform when extreme heat is applied wouldn’t do any good in putting out a fire. The pipes would merely break and deposit water short of the needed destination. Since black steel pipe has little coating, it is commonly used for these sprinkler systems. The oxygen in the water is deprived, thus reducing the corrosion potential. However, black steel pipe does corrode in a consistent thinning of the walls.
There are two drawbacks to black steel pipe that should be noted. The first is corrosion. Black steel pipe lacks a galvanized coating so it is more susceptible to breaking down over time. This black steel piping is more susceptible to breaking down over time when it comes in contact with rain or humid environments. There are a couple options to prevent corrosion of black steel pipe. It is important to clean the surface of the black steel pipe to remove any rust, loose paint patricals, or oils. The piping will need some extra layers of protection which can be done by painting the outside of the pipe using a rust inhibitive primer. This approach is recommended because it allows for quick and easy applications. You should apply the primer once and then wait for it to dry before adding another layer of paint. Multiple layers might be suggested based on the expected lifespan of the pipe. This will be helpful for adding extra life to the black steel pipe. The second drawback is minerals. The absence of a coating means minerals can slowly attach to the pipe and build up over time, leading to a clog. Deposits can form in the case of “hard water,” where harmless minerals are present. While a lack of oil or gas in a rural area wouldn’t be pleasant, a clogged pipe that is supposed to provide clean drinking water is the most dire, so galvanized pipe carries potable water while black steel pipe carries oil, gas, and septic material.
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